Using FBMFox For Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping

In this article, I will show you how to get started making money online by taking advantage of what’s called Facebook marketplace dropshipping! What you will do is find items from retail sites like Amazon or Walmart. Now you need to list those items on the Facebook marketplace. Then, when you make on sale on the marketplace, you will go and order that product for your customer. We will be using FBMFox in this guide, click here to read about other fbmp software to use.

Find Products To Dropship On Facebook Marketplace

I usually just use Walmart, Amazon, and eBay as my suppliers. You could use any site that provides tracking numbers and has a fast delivery time. You can literally sell anything on the Facebook marketplace. As long as it’s not against Facebook’s terms of service. If you don’t have a lot of funds to use to fulfill orders, try listing lower-priced items.

Listing Products On Facebook Marketplace

When you have found a few items you would like to dropship on the Facebook marketplace, Signup for FBMFox, it’s a web-based software that helps you succeed with dropshipping on Facebook marketplace. You can use coupon code wkU91bbDT3 To get a 10% off discount for FBMFox. Go to the product page of the item you want to dropship and FBMFox will show a button to “list now”. (Make sure you have installed the fbmfox chrome extension and have logged into the extension with your fbmfox account.)

facebook marketplace automation

After you click “list now” a new tab will open and bring you to the listing creation process page in marketplace. FBMFox will now begin to make your listing. Now just finish the remaining steps of the listing creation process and publish your new listing.

Fulfilling Your Marketplace Orders

Now you just need to wait for your first sale. When you make your first sale open up the order details page and where you see the 2 orange buttons click copy to fbmfox, then click visit supplier.

facebook marketplace dropshipping

A new tab will open up your supplier product page, go ahead and add the item to your cart/checkout page. Now click change/edit address and click the orange button that says “Paste from FBMfox”

facebook marketplace dropshipping

Your customers’ address will be pasted into the checkout address form. Now go ahead and click save and submit your order. Then, copy and paste your order confirmation page URL into FBMFox’s order details for later reference.

facebook marketplace

Marking Your Pending Orders As Shipped

When your supplier provides you with the shipment tracking number, then you will need to enter that tracking number into Facebook. You do this by opening up the Facebook order details page and clicking the blue “mark as shipped” button.

mark as shipped

Now you will be asked to select the shipping carrier, UPS, Fedex, or USPS. The next thing you need to do is select the correct provided and copy and paste the tracking number then click save.

jesse geitzmuni

Congrats, you just successfully dropshipped your first item on Facebook marketplace! Would you like to have me and my team launch and scale your own Facebook marketplace dropshipping store?

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