Which Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping Software Should You Use?

In this article, we will be going over the different software you can use for dropshipping on the Facebook marketplace. Some are better than others and do different things so it’s important to know the differences between them.

FBMFox Dropshipping Software Review

FBMFox is my personal favorite software to use for Facebook marketplace dropshipping. FBMFox is an all-in-one software suite toolbox. From listings products, helping fulfill orders, to generating tracking numbers, FBMFox has it all. Use coupon code jesse to get 10% off FBMFox.

fbmfox dropshipping software

As you can see, FBMFox is a web-based dashboard that also requires a chrome extension to work with Marketplace. The developer of FBMFox always makes updates, including updates that are requested by FBMFox users. Click here to read my full review on FBMFox

Zeedrop Dropshipping Software Review

Zeedrop is the OG of Facebook marketplace dropshipping software. Zeedrop was the first tool available for marketplace dropshippers to use. Zeedrop is similar to FBMFox but in my opinion, the user interface is not as easy to use or understand.

Zeedrop dropshipping software

Zeedrop does cost less than FBMFox, Zeedrop currently costs $16.99 per month while FBMFox costs $29 per month. So if you can’t afford $29 per month then I guess Zeedrop is a viable option.

AutoDS Dropshipping Software Review

I personally do not recommend using AutoDS for Facebook marketplace dropshipping. AutoDS is great for dropshipping on eBay but doesn’t seem to work well with Facebook marketplace. When I was giving AutoDS a try, I found it to be very confusing and complicated to set up and use.

Autods dropshipping software

Although AudoDS user interface looks great, It’s not fully coded out to work with Facebook marketplace. AutoDS pricing starts at $27 per month. If you’re dropshipping on eBay then AutoDS is a great option, but not so much for FB Marketplace.

Which Facebook Marketplace Software To Use?

After testing all of these different Facebook marketplace dropshipping software, my personal favorite is FBMFox because it has everything you need in one clean user interface dashboard. The setup process is easy to do and FBMFox is always coming out with new updates! Click here to create your free FBMFox account. Don’t forget to use a coupon code jesse to save 10% on FBMFox.

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