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FBMFox Review – Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping Software

In this FBMFox review, we will be discussing how FBMFOX can help you run and manage your Facebook marketplace dropshipping business. If you’re just here for the fbmfox promo code… Here it is: jesse

FBMFox Review – Dashboard

FBMFox has a dashboard where you can see your profits, sales, and amount of products listed. These stats can be viewed in daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly timeframes. This is very helpful because it allows you to see if your fbmp business is growing in profit or decreasing in profits in one glance.

fbmfox dashboard

The FBMFox dashboard also has a Facebook sync accuracy pie chart, recent product research section, sync error log, and a notepad section. These features are useful for making sure fbmfox is syncing to Facebook properly. The dashboard also keeps track of your recent product research.

fbmfox syncing

FBMFox Review – Products

The FBMFox products module is where fbmfox will store all the products you have imported into fbmfox. This is how you can keep track of all your products. You can easily use the search bar to find a product so you can go to your supplier’s URL and fulfill orders. (fbmfox now has a faster way to fulfill products which I will talk about further in this review.)

fbmfox products

FBMFox has the ability to track your suppliers’ current prices/stock and automatically update your price/stock on Facebook. This feature is optional but is useful if your suppliers like to increase their prices or go out of stock often.

FBMFox Review – Sellers

FBMFox sellers module is where you can keep a log of your suppliers. This is very useful if you find suppliers that have a lot of products that you would like to sell but are waiting to import more products into FBMFox. (the black bars in the image below were drawn onto the screenshot by me for privacy reasons.)

fbmfox sellers

FBMFox Review – Orders

The FBMFox orders module is my favorite module because it eliminates the need to use a spreadsheet! Whenever you open up a new order on Facebook, fbmfox will send that order data over to fbmfox’s orders module. You can copy and paste an FB order number into the search bar to find a specific order. This is very helpful, especially for customer service.

fbmfox orders

Whenever you finish fulfilling an order, you will want to tell fbmfox the exact price you paid to fulfill the order. (every order fulfilled will have a different cost due to states having different sales tax.) You just need to click the little pencil icon on the right-hand side of the screen under Actions.

fbmfox order details

Just type in the cost to fulfill the order where it says supplier cost, change the order status to fulfilled, and copy and paste your suppliers’ order confirmation URL, so you can easily find the tracking number. FBMFox will automatically calculate your profit, this is how your dashboard creates your sales and profit charts.

FBMFox Review – Marketplace Settings

The Marketplace settings module is where you will create your template for fbmfox to use when you use the fbmfox product lister tool. This is where you tell fbmfox your markup percentage, the amount of stock to use, additional text to add to your product descriptions, and if you want to hide your listings from friends or not.

fbmfox marketplace settings

FBMFox Review – Tracking Numbers Module

The tracking number module allows you to generate a valid FedEx tracking number that is going to the same city and around the same timeframe as your customer. The reason why you would want to do this is sometimes your supplier will not provide a tracking number to you, but you still need to provide a tracking number to Facebook in order for you to get paid. Each tracking number generated will cost 20 cents, which is a lower price compared to other companies offering this same service.

fbmfox tracking numbers

Additional FBMFox Modules

There are a few more modules that fbmfox offers. Affiliate program, virtual assistants, account settings, customer service, and resources. The affiliate program is great if you know someone who could benefit from using FBMFox. The virtual assistant module is useful if you have a VA. If you have a VA, you should also be using a Windows VPS (virtual private server) so that way your VA can fully manage your fbmp business without ever needing to use something like AnyDesk or TeamViewer to remote control your personal desktop.

FBMFox Chrome Extension

So in order for you to use FBMFox, you will also need to download the FBMFox chrome extension. This extension is what allows you to list new products on fbmp easily and quickly! The extension also allows you to perform product research on many different websites, for example, eBay & Amazon

fbmfox product research

FBMFox Pricing

FBMFox has 3 different plans with different prices. The least expensive plan is $29 per month, which in my opinion is a steal. The other plans cost $49 and $99 per month. These plans cost more because they allow FBMFox to track more supplier prices and execute more automatic price and stock changes on your fbmp account.

fbmfox pricing

FBMFox Review Conclusion

I personally love FBMFox and I’ve tried a handful of other fbmp software and have to say fbmfox is hands down the best software for Facebook marketplace dropshipping! I have personally talked to the fbmfox owner/dev and they are great people. There have been a few times in the past when fbmfox wasn’t fully developed and I used the customer service module to send them an email asking if they could add a feature. They have always taken my advice/request and coded it into FBMFox!

If you’re interested in reading about some other Facebook marketplace dropshipping software read this article -> Which Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping Software Should You Use?

Should You Buy FBMFox?

The short and simple answer is… YES! FBMFox is by far the best bang for your buck! You can also receive an additional 10% off discount on your first month by using this coupon code jesse

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