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FeedbackWhiz Review – Amazon FBA Emails On Autopilot

FeedbackWhiz Review Introduction

Let’s get started with this FeedbackWhiz review. FeedbackWhiz is an Amazon seller solution that aims to assist Amazon sellers in gaining more reviews and feedback, leading to a better reputation and more sales. This tool focuses on getting more feedback as its name suggests, but it is also a powerful order management and email automation package.

Pricing Options

One of the key advantages of FeedbackWhiz is its reasonable pricing options. Unlike other online tools, FeedbackWhiz offers multiple package sizes with no limitations on the number of emails you can send, regardless of the package you choose. This allows sellers to scale their businesses consistently without worrying about switching packages when their email list grows. However, there are limits on the number of ASINs you can monitor and individual email campaigns you can run.

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What does FeedbackWhiz do?

FeedbackWhiz provides a user-friendly and well-designed interface and dashboard, allowing sellers to easily create automated follow-up emails. With FeedbackWhiz, sellers can efficiently manage their orders and automate their email campaigns to increase their reviews and feedback, ultimately boosting their reputation and sales on Amazon.

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Key Features

  • Integration of order details
  • Clear dashboard design
  • Backlist functionality
  • Major event alerts
  • Customizable email design tool
  • Duplicate email detection and alerts
  • Automated email campaigns for marketing and remarketing
  • Graphs and stats
  • Automatic buyer opt-outs
  • Custom buttons, GIFs, attachments, and emojis
  • Variable inserts
  • Tracking and analytics
  • Seller feedback notifications
  • Graphical customization (logos, branding, etc.)

User-Friendly Design

FeedbackWhiz’s friendly and logical design makes it easy to find and use all its features and functions. The tool provides in-depth statistics on email opening rates and allows sellers to refine their campaigns over time using the A/B testing functionality.

feedbackwhiz review

Review Management

One of FeedbackWhiz’s strengths is its ability to analyze, manage, and act on all reviews from one page, while also allowing sellers to look at one review in more detail or group reviews by product. FeedbackWhiz also provides immediate email alerts when reviews are posted and links the reviewer’s pseudonym with the order details, making it easy to respond to reviews without the need for further context.


One limitation of FeedbackWhiz is the limited variety of email templates available. The templates provided are good, but sometimes sellers may want to try something slightly different and may find themselves limited by the available options.

Email Automation & Analytics

The email creator in FeedbackWhiz is designed for ease of use with its drag and drop functionality, allowing you to create high-quality email designs without any coding knowledge. However, custom HTML is also possible if needed.

The analytics is where FeedbackWhiz truly shines, allowing you to analyze your data and refine your email content and subject lines for optimal performance. Variables such as names, order history, unique links or comments, and more can be easily included in your emails and targeted by delivery type, SKU, destination, product category, and buyer behavior.

While the email templates could be more diverse, FeedbackWhiz still offers a solid email automation solution.

Amazon Feedback Management Tools

FeedbackWhiz is an all-in-one review management tool that gives you complete control over a range of analytic and response tools. Customizable alerts and notifications allow you to respond immediately to negative reviews and other events.

You can also set up segmented selective feedback requests based on which type of request has worked best for different products or customers. The buyer-review matching tool links reviewers to orders, making it easy to engage and resolve any issues.

The review management tool is where FeedbackWhiz truly excels and where you will likely spend the majority of your time using the software.

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Order Management

The order management tool in FeedbackWhiz is a massive time-saver, allowing you to focus on running your business instead of clicking between tabs to reconcile data from different tools. It allows you to search for orders, view their status, analyze product performance, market to existing customers, and check return information all in one window.

The real-time syncing and integration of your Amazon order database into FeedbackWhiz makes it easier than ever to respond to customer issues, with everything you need to know immediately accessible. With a variety of filters and sort tools, you can browse by order type, status, review rating, and more.

This combination of order management and email automation tools elevates FeedbackWhiz beyond a simple review management solution and earns its spot in the “total management tools” category for Amazon seller tools.


Automated Alerts for Negative Feedback

The automated alerts in FeedbackWhiz are an essential feature for improving your brand’s image. Responding to negative reviews and engaging with your audience is key to increasing trust and building positive reviews. FeedbackWhiz makes it simple with one-click response buttons contained in email alerts. With time, the analytics will help you identify the strategies that increase customer satisfaction and decrease negative reviews.

Note: Currently, alerts are only provided for reviews from 1-3 stars. The majority of users will benefit from this feature, but some new Amazon businesses may prefer to receive alerts for all reviews.

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FeedbackWhiz Review Customer Support

Excellent customer support is crucial for any software tool, and FeedbackWhiz delivers. The support staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and quick to respond. They also provide regular tutorial and educational videos to help you get the most out of FeedbackWhiz. If you need help, there’s always a live chat available and a comprehensive knowledge base just a few minutes away.

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Is FeedbackWhiz Secure Enough for My Customer Data?

Powered by Amazon Web Services, FeedbackWhiz is fully secured and encrypted with industry-standard technology. It is as secure as Amazon itself, ensuring your customer data is protected.

Supported Marketplaces

FeedbackWhiz supports US, Mexico, Canada, UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Australia, Japan, and India, and the number of marketplaces you can access is not limited by your pricing package. The tool also allows you to switch between marketplaces with a button in the top corner of every page.

Contracts and Downloads

FeedbackWhiz does not require a contract and can be canceled at any time. The tool operates entirely through your browser, so it can go with you wherever you go. All major browsers are supported, including Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and mobile devices with a browser.

Data Range and Extraction

FeedbackWhiz displays data and orders from the past 365 days, which should be sufficient for most users. All data can be easily downloaded as a CSV file for use in other campaigns or email marketing services.

FeedbackWhiz Review Conclusion

FeedbackWhiz is a well-designed, comprehensive package that makes it easy to protect your brand and limit the impact of negative feedback. It is user-friendly and powerful, offering clear data and a variety of benefits. With its affordable price and time-saving features, FeedbackWhiz is a must-have for Amazon sellers looking to respond to reviews and control the dialogue around their brand.

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