How To Create A Landing Page With ClickFunnels

In this article, you will learn how to create a landing page with ClickFunnels and convert your traffic into customers.

A landing page is a specifically designed webpage that has one goal, to convert a visitor to complete a specific action. This action/goal is usually an email submission but can be anything from having the user purchase a product or submit their phone number.

Step 1: Create New Funnel In ClickFunnels

1. Log in to your ClickFunnels account navigate to your funnels. Then click ‘Add New

How To Create A Landing Page With ClickFunnels

2. Click ‘Create New Funnel

How To Create A Landing Page With ClickFunnels

3. For this example I will choose the ‘Collect Emails‘ goal.

How To Create A Landing Page With ClickFunnels

4. Enter the name of your new funnel

5. ClickFunnels will generate your new funnel that contains 2 funnel steps, a email opt-in page and a thank you page.

Step 2: Pick Your Template For Your Landing Page

1. Within your new funnel, click the opt-in page in the sidebar on the left.

2. Choose from any of the pre-built templates by clicking the ‘Select Template‘ button.

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Step 3: Edit Your Opt-in Landing Page

1. Click the ‘Edit Page‘ button, this will open up the page editor.

How To Create A Landing Page With ClickFunnels

2. Now that you’re in the page editor, you can hover over any element and click the little gear icon to open up the element settings to make changes. You can also add new elements like images/text/buttons etc..

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3. You can edit the landing page to look however you would like. Adjust elements background colors, front style, font size, button colors and more.

3rd Party Email Autoresponder Integrations

The integrations menu will let you connect your 3rd party autoresponder to your new optin landing page. You will first need to add the integration in your account settings. Clickfunnels has a built-in email autoresponder but I recommend you use a 3rd party autoresponder such as GetResponse or ConvertKit. Inside of the page editor in the settings menu, click integrations, and choose the correct integration.

Why Your Business Needs A Landing Page

The majority of businesses establish their presence on the internet using social media and or a website or blog. Websites usually contain tons of different pages, links, and pretty pictures which is just confusing. You don’t want to confuse your visitors, that’s where a funnel comes into play.

It’s 2020, if you’re not using funnels or at least a landing page, you need to be!

Convert More Visitors Into Leads & Buyers With Landing Pages

Optin landing pages are perfect for building an email list, email marketing is an essential part of any business. The most successful businesses prosper by building an engaging audience & email list to promote their offers. The design of an optin landing page needs to have minimal distractions and focus on capturing emails.

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Features Of An Optimized Landing Page

1. Relevant Headline And Subtitle

Every high converting landing page has a headline, and most of them also have a pre-headline and subtitle that supports the headline. Here’s an example of a decent headline and subtitle “How to write amazing blogs posts in minutes… without having to proofread or edit”

2. Call To Action

Instruct the visitor to take action. if someone visits your website or landing page and there is no clear action to take the visitor will most likely just leave your page without taking any action. On the other hand, if your landing page has a clear call to action, a good amount of visitors will click and optin/make a purchase. Call to actions are very important, your site visitors expect them, they want them!

3. Social Proof

Social proof is extremely important for conversions. Your potential customers want to see that other people have had good results with whatever you promoting. Would you buy something with 2 bad reviews or something with 17 good reviews? Make sure to add testimonials and reviews to your landing pages to increase conversions.

More and more online businesses are using conversion-focused landing pages as opposed to traditional websites. Follow the steps above to learn how to create a landing page in Clickfunnels.