How To Create A Membership Site in Clickfunnels

In this article, we will go going over how to create a membership site in ClickFunnels. For entrepreneurs who aren’t very tech-savvy, creating a membership site using WordPress can be confusing. They often waste a lot of time trying to put everything together like a puzzle.

ClickFunnels lets you build membership sites very easily, it only takes a few clicks to have your membership site up and running. You don’t need coding skills or any previous experience at all. Follow the steps below and you will have your ClickFunnels membership site launched quickly without the technical headaches.

Step 1: Create A Membership Area Funnel

  1. In the ClickFunnels dashboard, click the “build funnel” button
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2. Click the blue button that says “Classic funnel builder“.

Jesse Geitzmuni

3. Click the “+ Choose” button underneath where it says “Sell Your Product

How To Create A Membership Area With Clickfunnels

4. Click the “+ Choose” button underneath where it says “Membership

How To Create A Membership Area With Clickfunnels

Step 2: Choose Membership Site Template

  1. On the funnel steps menu, select the “Members Access” option.
Create A ClickFunnels Membership Site

2. Click the “+ Select Template” button to use the template you want.

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3. Click the “EDIT PAGE” button and customize your membership access page.

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4. On the funnel steps menu, select the “Members Area” option.

ClickFunnels Membership Sites

5. Click the “+ Select Template” button to use the template you want.

How To Create A Membership Site in Clickfunnels

Now you just need to customize your new membership site’s design and layout and add your content. Once your membership site is set up and ready to go, you can start selling access or giveaway free access to your membership area content.

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ClickFunnels Membership Area Features

ClickFunnels is the perfect solution to turn your knowledge and expertise into a profitable digital information product. You can also give your existing customers access to your new membership content to keep them happy and satisficed with doing business with you. Here are just a few features of the ClickFunnels membership area.

1. Multiple Membership Area Templates To Choose From

ClickFunnels provides you with many pre-designed templates to choose from for your membership area. You will still want to change the colors, fonts, and images for your brand.

2. Content Types

Your membership site can host your content in text/video/audio format. I personally prefer video content but many people enjoy listening to audio and or reading text. I recommend making a video, .pdf, and .mp3 version for each lesson on your membership site.

3. Drip Delay

Drip delay is an amazing feature that delays access to certain modules. For example, you don’t want your students to skip through your content and watch module 2 before watching module 1. You can make it so module 2 is locked for X amount of days after the user creates their account for your membership area.

4. Smart Design

ClickFunnels automatically organizes your membership content into modules and lessons. For example, you could have 7 modules and 10 lessons in each module for a total of 70 lessons. When creating a module, you will be asked to select a product tag restriction. This is optional but if you’re selling access to your membership site, you will want to make sure only users who paid for access can access your content.

Why Should You Use ClickFunnels Members Area?

There is a long list of reasons why you should use ClickFunnels membership area, here’s a few of them.


One of the top reasons to use ClickFunnels membership area is because it’s so dang simple to set up and use. You don’t need any previous tech skills or pay an expensive web developer. ClickFunnels membership areas are also very simple for your students to use and consume your content.

Increase Backend Revenue

By adding a membership area to your existing business, you can increase your customer’s LTV (Lifetime Value). A membership area will give your customers & leads a reason to stick around and continue to view your new content. Keeping your audience consuming more of your content results in you generating more sales in the long run.

Your Customers Satisfaction

Your new leads & customers will love how organized your membership site is! Many membership site builders are low quality and confusing for users to navigate the content. ClickFunnels provides your audience with an easy way to consume your exclusive content.

There’s more I could talk about for this topic but I don’t want to be long-winded. Anyway, hopefully, this article helped you with learning how to create a membership site in ClickFunnels!