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The Funnel Guru Review – My Personal Experience

Looking for a “The Funnel Guru Review”? You’re in the right place! The Amazon marketplace has several restricted categories that make it challenging for sellers to sell their products. However, The Funnel Guru offers an Amazon ungating service that can help you get approval to sell in some of the top profitable categories such as dietary supplements, grocery, beauty, and hair care appliances, pet foods, medical supplies, power tools, and more.

In this article, we’ll dive into a comprehensive review of The Funnel Guru and what makes them the best solution for unlocking restricted categories on Amazon.

A Guaranteed Solution for Amazon Ungating

The Funnel Guru is an Amazon ungating service that has been helping people achieve their business goals for the past 4 years. With deep knowledge of the ungating process and a 100% approval guarantee, The Funnel Guru offers a hassle-free solution for sellers who want to sell in restricted categories.

Not only do they offer a guarantee, but they also offer a 110% money-back guarantee if you don’t get your category ungated. This is a testament to their confidence in their unique ungating methods and expertise.

Professional Amazon Ungating Services

The Funnel Guru provides professional Amazon ungating services to new and established sellers who are facing difficulties selling in restricted categories. From dietary supplements to groceries and even topicals, they have helped over 7,500 satisfied customers get approval to sell on Amazon.

Their services are tailored to meet the needs of each seller and the prices vary from category to category. Expect to pay anywhere from $299 for sports and nutrition ungating to $699 for supplements.

What are Amazon Ungating Services?

Amazon ungating services are provided by third-party companies or vendors that help unlock restricted categories for sellers. Before these services were available, sellers had to guess what Amazon wanted to see in their applications, including invoices from pre-approved suppliers for each category.

The Funnel Guru

Ungating services have made it easier for sellers to sell products in restricted categories by eliminating the guesswork. They take money to make more money, and in this case, it takes money to access more profitable product categories on Amazon.

The Funnel Guru Ungating Process

The Funnel Guru provides a simple, 4-step ungating process that will help you get approval to sell in restricted categories on Amazon.

The Funnel Guru Review

Step 1: Choose your ungating package from

Step 2: Provide basic information about your seller account

Step 3: The Funnel Guru will work on ungating your account and send the application on your behalf

Step 4: Get approval to sell in restricted categories within 24 hours

The Funnel Guru Review: Pros and Cons

Pros of The Funnel Guru:

  • Access to Hot-Selling Categories: The Funnel Guru offers the opportunity for sellers, even new ones, to sell in some of the most in-demand categories on Amazon. Categories like supplements, groceries, automotive, toys, and more can be ungated with the help of The Funnel Guru.
  • Eased Restrictions for Brands and ASINs: As you mature your account, Amazon usually appreciates sellers who sell in various categories and across brands. With The Funnel Guru, you can ungate more categories and brands to improve your account and expand your business.
  • 110% Money-Back Guarantee: If, for any reason, the application submitted to Amazon is rejected, The Funnel Guru offers a 110% money-back guarantee. This confidence in their services shows that they truly believe in their ability to get sellers ungated.

Cons of The Funnel Guru:

  • Cost: One of the biggest drawbacks of Amazon ungating services is the cost. It can add up quickly, especially if you’re looking to ungate multiple categories. It’s important to consider your budget and choose the categories that are most important to you in the beginning.
  • Limitations to Selling in a Category: Even after getting a category ungated, there may be further restrictions. For example, if you want to sell CDs of popular music, you’ll need to ungate the subcategory of “Popular Music.” Additionally, certain brands, hazmat products, and conditionally restricted products cannot be sold, even after ungating.

Conclusion: Is The Funnel Guru a Scam?

Based on personal experience, The Funnel Guru is definitely not a scam. I used The Funnel Guru to ungate the lighting category and was approved within 3 days, after struggling for 6 weeks with Amazon customer service. This was a game-changer for my business, and the results were well worth the money.

While there may be other Amazon ungating services out there, my experience with The Funnel Guru was extremely positive. If you’re looking to sell your products on Amazon by getting your desired categories ungated, The Funnel Guru could be the solution you’re looking for.


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